Berrien County Firefighters Association
Fire Education Center 2020 Make Over

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July 20, 2020 >> Before Starting Materials have arrived August 10, 2020 >> Old material removed August 22, 2020 >> Right siding removed Rotted 2x4's Grass growing in walls
Rotted board removed About Noon Right side new treated baseplate Right side new door framing Right side new OSB Left side rotten 2x4's Left side new treated baseplate Left side ready for new framing Left side new door framing
Left side new OSB About 5:00 PM Left side gets plastic wrap Ready to quit for the day Everything picked End of Day September 12, 2020 >> Before Starting Wall Boards Almost Off
Old Wall Boards Are Gone Paint Chips & Scraps Ready For Dumpster Headed To The Dumpster New OSB On Sides #3 & #4 New OSB Piece #5 Is Up Adding More Wrap Thanks For Looking Dennis New Wrap 10' Up
Time For Lunch Wrap Complete Great Job Dennis New Sign A Little Higher Dennis End Of Day October 10, 2020 >> Before Starting First Piece
Second Piece End Of Day October 11, 2020 >> Squared Up The Walls End Of Day October 13, 2020 >> Bottom Piece Second Piece Third Piece
Fourth Piece Fifth Piece Sixth Piece Seventh Piece End Of Day October 14, 2020 >> First Piece Second Piece Thrid Piece
Fourth Piece Fifth Piece Sixth Piece Sixth Piece End Of Day October 17, 2020 >> Left Edge First Piece Second Piece
Third Piece End of Day October 19, 2020 >> Top Left Piece +Upper Right Piece End of Day October 22, 2020 >> Top Left Piece In Top Right Piece In
Last Piece with Light In Light On End of Day October 24, 2020 >> From the Left From the Right End of Day - Sealed for the Winter Work to be done in the spring

fire station sign,
flag holders
and banner hooks.

Photos By: Assistant Chief Gerry Kabelman of St. Joseph Charter Township Fire Department Station #1
Last updated on 2020-10-24 5:00 PM